How to Fly your Remote Control Helicopter

For some men, having toys is better than having a car. They feel more satisfied playing with their remote control cars rather than showing their new sports car off. These days, a lot of adult men are very much hooked into remote control helicopters. Why? They are just so cool to fly around. Moreover, a […]

What to Look for a Good RC Helicopter

If you are planning to buy your first RC helicopter, you should make sure that your money’s worth of your investment, because it could be quite costly, and it’s just a hobby for most of the customers who tend to buy it. So, how do you consider an RC helicopter if it is a good […]

Understanding Different RC Helicopter Parts and Accessories

The accessories that you are going to purchase depends on the type of RC helicopter you are going to buy. You have the choice to either choose a non-collective pitch or a collective pitch machine. If you are starting RC helicopter hobby without any prior knowledge about it, it is best that you go for […]

RC Helicopter Accessories – How to Pick the Right Battery

There are two power sources for RC helicopters – the glow fuel and the battery. Before the advancement of technology, the most common power source was the glow fuel. The batteries already existed, but it could not match up with the power that glow fuel could produce. The batteries these days can provide more than […]

RC Helicopter Parts – The Channels

There are different types of RC helicopters, which would also mean that there are different parts to build them. One of the parts that people interested in flying RC helicopters need to understand more is about the channels. These channels are the one sending signals from the radio control to the helicopter, maneuvering the unit […]

Understanding the Different Parts of the RC Helicopter

Many of those that consider the RC helicopter as a toy or a decoration might not bother knowing its parts that contribute to the ability of the unit to fly. However, for the enthusiasts and hobbyists, they take this matter seriously and want to know every component there is that composes the whole picture of […]

RC Helicopter Parts – The Basics You Need to Know

Flying an RC helicopter may seem easy, but this is only true when you choose to fly a toy helicopter. Going for the more complex ones takes a lot of skill to fully utilize all its features and channels it possesses, not to mention a good knowledge of its main parts. If you plan to […]

RC Helicopter Parts – The Main Frame Material

Knowing different parts of an RC helicopter will give you a good idea on which parts in the future are you going to need, especially when you own an RC copter is on the brink of breaking up. The main frame of the RC helicopter is the one that holds up all the parts within. […]